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Why to Buy a 12 Volt Fuel Transfer Pump and Where to Get a 12v Pump in Your Area

A 12v fuel transfer pump is an excellent way to make dispensing fuel safe and secure. These pumps are ideal for filling tanks or engines with a variety of fuel, including diesel, light oil and kerosene. However, the challenge for professionals who want to do their jobs well is finding a fuel transfer pump, whether it’s a 12v model or any other kind, which will suit the needs of their particular business. For this reason, you can’t just buy a fuel transfer pump off a shelf somewhere. You need to acquire one from a company that really knows fuel so that they can help you pick out a useful product.

One such company is Wade’s Distributors, a small business that has been selling fuel, oil and other chemicals to North Queensland and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve developed an ironclad reputation as one of the best at what we do. In fact, we’re one of the largest independent sellers of Castrol Oil in North Queensland. With a rapidly expanding base of customers, some of whom have been loyal to us ever since we started doing business, we’ve made a name for ourselves as a company with superb knowledge of oil and fuel. So it was only natural that we start selling equipment to pump and transfer these products. Now you can buy a variety of sprayers, nozzles and pumps—including a 12 volt fuel transfer pump—from our store when you visit in person or find us online.

Get a 12v Fuel Transfer Pump with the Right Specs

Fuel transfer pumps are all somewhat different, depending on the application. If you were going shopping all by yourself at some big industrial supply company that couldn't afford to give you personalised service, you'd have to know the following information: what kind of flow rate you’re looking for, the length of outlet hose you’ll need, the maximum specs for delivery lift and suction—and that’s only the beginning. Fortunately, at Wade’s we completely understand these terms and what they mean, so that you can describe your needs to us in simple English. We'll take it from there, and help you find a product with the right specs to accomplish exactly what it is you're setting out to do. We even sell our own brand of 12 volt fuel transfer pump kits. That’s how well we know these products.

A Trusted Name in Fuel Supply for Over 20 Years

At Wade’s, we’ve chosen to build our reputation gradually over the course of many years, instead of pushing for rapid expansion and losing our personal touch. For this reason, our clients trust us to do our work correctly, as opposed to just selling any inferior product as a short term solution for our customers. When you buy a 12 volt fuel transfer pump from us, you’ll be making an investment in a piece of equipment that will really last. Call Wade's Distributors today or visit us online to get more information about the superior products and sales initiatives that we offer.