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Need a New 12 Volt Sprayer? Get Exceptional Spray Pumps Through This Excellent Business

Ah, the 12 volt sprayer: an indispensable tool for homeowners who care about cultivating the grounds of their property. Most 12 volt sprayers are spot sprayers, which allow you to reach areas that other sprayers can’t get to as efficiently without also affecting larger areas you may want to leave untouched. This makes spot sprayers ideal for spraying weeds, fence lines and the tops of trees. Think of them as the small brushes you might use to fill in sensitive but important details if you were a painter. They’re for the really specific jobs.

A 12 volt sprayer needs a 12 volt sprayer pump. The pump is the part of the sprayer that actually moves the pesticides or other chemicals from the tank to the nozzle, where they are sprayed out into the air. So quality spray pumps are essential if you want your equipment to function as intended. But where can you get quality 12 volt spray pumps for your spot sprayer? Simple: from a company that really knows its way around the chemicals you’re going to use in your sprayer. Wade’s Distributors has spent the last 20 years selling oil, fuel and other chemicals to Australian professionals from our location in Townsville, and now we also offer a line of premium chemical spraying equipment through our online store, including 12 volt spray pumps.

Find a 12 Volt Sprayer Pump That Will Work for You

Not all pumps are created equal. You’re going to need something with the right pump drive, pressure and flow requirements, agitation requirements and nozzle requirements if you’re going to find a spray pump that works for your 12 volt sprayer. The good news, though, is that Wade’s has been working with sprayers for decades, so we’re extremely well qualified to help you make these decisions. And we offer a variety of different high quality spray pumps so that our customers can find the perfect product. In addition to whole sprayers, we stock a range of individual spare parts, including a variety of pumps which have all been vetted by our staff to ensure their quality. When you come down to our store or find us online, we’ll help you choose the spray pump best suited to your sprayer.

Benefit from Wade’s Unique Industry Experience

Wade's Distributors has been in the business a long time, and not just the business of selling industrial equipment. We carry an array of sprayers, pumps, nozzles and other gear, but the reason people trust our products is that they've spent the last two decades buying the chemicals that go in them from us. We wouldn't sell you any tool that can't handle the oil, fuel or other chemicals we carry, so you can rest assured that anything you get from Wade's Distributors is going to be up to the task, including our spray pumps. The next time you’re in the market for a 12 volt sprayer, or just looking for an individual part like a pump, contact Wade’s. We’ll help you find exactly what you need.