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Wades Distributors: Offering Air Operated Oil Pumps for Sale to Garages and Service Stations throughout Australia

Perhaps you are thinking about opening up a new automotive garage in the Townsville area, or maybe you already operate an oil change business and need to replace or repair one of your oil pumps. Either way, look no further than Wades Distributors as your source for oil pumps in Australia.

Built in 1996 as a family owned and operated business, Wades maintains the same level of care and attention to detail 20 years later. We stock a vast array of motor oil supplies and oil equipment, ranging from oil filtration systems to oil transfer pumps. Some of the oil pumps we sell are for individual home use. Our selection of air operated oil pumps, meanwhile, is perfect for commercial purposes.

Choosing the Right Air Operated Oil Pump

As you will see when you start browsing the oil pumps we have for sale at Wades Distributors, our air operated oil pumps vary a bit in ratio. Some of our pumps have the basic 1:1 ratio. Others boast ratios of 3:1, 5:1 or even 10:1. If you have been operating an automotive garage business for years, then you probably already know which type of pump you need. If you are just getting started, though, the ratios of different air operated oil pumps can be a source of confusion.

The numerical ratio of an air operated oil pump designates the ratio of air pressure to fluid pressure in the pump. For instance, if you purchase a 1:1 ratio pump from our oil pump distributors, that means that the pump has an air piston and a fluid piston with the same area. As a result, the pressure produced by the air piston (say, 100 psi) will be the same pressure that the fluid piston creates to pump the oil.

As such, air operated oil pumps with higher ratios can pump oils at higher pressures. A 5:1 ratio pump has an air piston that is five times larger than the fluid piston. As a result, when the air pressure is flowing at 100 psi, it creates a fluid pressure of 500 psi. This higher pressure makes higher ratio pumps preferable for two applications: 1) pumping fluids longer distances or 2) pumping fluids that are of a higher viscosity.

Get Help Finding the Right Oil Pump: Use Wades as Your Oil Pump Distributor in Townsville

If you still aren't sure which air pump ratio is best for your business's oil pumping needs, don't worry. At Wades Distributors, we have a high reputation among Townsville residences and businesses for always having the answer—at least to any question related to the subject of motor oil. If you are looking for oil pumps in Australia, we can help light your way to the right one.

Are you ready for answers? Call Wades and make us your oil pump distributor in Townsville! You can reach us via telephone on 07 4725 7447.