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Breaking: Wade’s Castrol Now Sells Chemical Spray Equipment

Those of you with businesses in or near Townsville probably already know about Wade’s Distributors. Maybe you’ve been referring to us at Wade’s Castrol for a while since we’ve been one of North Queensland’s biggest Castrol Oil sellers for over 20 years. But whether you’re a loyal customer or have only recently heard of us through our terrific word of mouth reputation, you’ll be interested to know that Wade’s Distributors now sells chemical spray equipment and a variety of other products for pumping and moving the oil and other chemicals our customers know and love. That’s right—you can now consider Wade’s Distributor’s your one-stop-shopping destination for all your oil and chemical products.

The main advantage to purchasing your chemical spray equipment from Wade’s Distributors is simple: we know the chemicals you’re going to be using better than any of the other companies in the area because we’ve been selling them successfully for decades. That makes us the most qualified company out there to sell chemical spray equipment because we know exactly which tools out there can handle the stuff you’re going to use in them. We wouldn’t stock anything that we wouldn’t use with our own products.

If you’re in the market for chemical spray equipment in North Queensland, call Wade’s right away or visit our website for more information on the equipment that we sell in addition to our oil products. With experience and knowledge like ours, we know we can help you find the products that will serve your business best.