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Stop Wasting Money Filling up at Service Stations: Start Pumping DEF on Your Own, with Safe and User-Friendly DEF Pumps and AdBlue Tanks

If you drive a modern truck or large SUV that uses diesel fuel, then the chances are that you also have to fill up on DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) on a relatively regular basis. DEF—usually referred to as AdBlue in Australia—is a solution of urea and de-ionised water that reduces the nitrogen and oxide emissions from diesel vehicles. Vehicles with selective catalytic reduction systems (or SCR systems) utilise this new type of automotive fluid to make diesel vehicles less dangerous to the environment and human health.

Avoiding the Extra Expense of Diesel Vehicles

When you decided to purchase a diesel truck or SUV, you probably weighed the benefits of having a diesel vehicle against the added costs. On one hand, these vehicles are powerful, rugged and spacious. If you frequent work on construction sites, move heavy loads from one destination to the next or drive on more rugged terrain, then a diesel pickup truck might be the optimal vehicle choice for you. However, diesel trucks and SUVS do cost more to drive over time—not just because you have to fill up on AdBlue, but also because diesel fuel simply costs more than standard unleaded petrol.

What if there were a way that you could trim some of those extra expenses? A way to fill your DEF tank and keep in compliance with Australian laws without spending an arm and a leg on AdBlue?

Certainly, if you fill up on DEF at a service station, you are going to spend more money than you need to. You aren't just paying for the fluid when you use the service station. On the contrary, you are also paying for the pumping mechanism. Since AdBlue still isn't available at all service stations, there is still a pretty substantial markup at the pump.

The 'few and far between' nature of DEF pumps is another area of concern—particularly if you live in a sparsely populated rural area. What if you can't find a station that offers AdBlue at the pump when you need it? What if you can find those stations when you are travelling, but don't have one near where you live?

Find AdBlue Tanks and Pumps at Wades Distributors

The answer to both of these conundrums—the added cost of DEF at service stations and the difficulty of finding a service station that pumps it—is to start pumping AdBlue on your own. At Wades Distributors, we sell a variety of DEF tanks and pumps that make it easy to pump AdBlue at home. Once you have your pump up and running, you will start to see huge savings compared to what you were spending at the service station.

To learn more about the DEF pumps and AdBlue tanks that we sell at Wades, give us a call today. We are happy to help you pick out the right tank for your purposes or demonstrate how to use it at our location in Townsville. Speak to a representative immediately by dialling 07 4725 7447.