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Diesel Fuel Pumps Now Available Through This Trusted Company

Wade’s Distributors has been building a stellar local reputation in North Queensland for a long time now—over 20 years, in fact. Over the years, our customers have come to rely on us for providing many different chemicals and oils, including Castrol Oil. In fact, we probably sell more Castrol Oil than anybody else in the area. But now we also offer the equipment you need to pump and move the stuff. That’s right—you can get oil transfer pumps, fuel transfer tanks and even diesel fuel pumps from the very people who know those chemicals best.

The diesel fuel pumps we offer are a particularly good investment for clients who want a reliable, high quality product. That’s because the premium diesel fuel pumps we carry have longer run times, better workmanship, and better service life than those offered by competing companies in the vicinity. This fact alone is because Wade’s Distributors has been in the industry for decades longer than most of our competitors. We know diesel inside and out, so we’re able to supply the best equipment for pumping it.

It’s better to invest in good equipment early on than to buy a cheap pump and have to replace it multiple times in just a few short years. Customers looking for the best fuel pumps available in the area should consider Wade’s. Call us right away or head over to our webpage to find more information about our great diesel and oil pumps.