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A Full Range of Diesel Tanks For Sale, to Provide for Any Need or Situation

If you’re a business or a farm in Australia, there’s a high chance you have the need for fuel storage somewhere on your premises. Whether it be for industry or agriculture, having a ready supply of diesel for vehicles and equipment can be extremely convenient and efficient. You also want to be safe, though, and everybody knows where there is a high concentration of flammable liquid, there’s also a danger. That is if you use improper equipment or unsafe practices. Having the proper equipment to store fuel is a must, and that’s where Wades Distribution can help you.

At Wades, we have a vast range of diesel tanks, diesel poly tanks, and other equipment required for safe and efficient fuel storage. These tanks can range from small 20-litre active diesel tanks, right up to massive 10,000-litre tanks. The size you need will, of course, depend on the size of your operation and what you intend to use it for, but we have many years of experience with all types and sizes of diesel tanks in Australia, so we feel you’re in safe hands.

Diesel Tanks for All Applications

Whether you need a diesel tank for the refuel of vehicles at a remote location, or perhaps to refuel agricultural equipment, we have the right size tank for you. We have diesel tanks for sale that offer excellent capacity, along with safety and convenience. For example, our 2000 litre active diesel poly tanks come with 6 metres of hose, giving you extra reach for whatever purpose you require. All the tanks also come with our “Surefit" pin mount system, so you can securely mount it either on a vehicle or a safe place somewhere on your property.

We have an extensive range of diesel poly tanks that prove very popular for agricultural and industry applications. These tanks typically range from 400-litre to 6000-litre capacities, providing a huge range of possible uses. You can find all of these tanks on our website, and if there’s a custom tank you need or something slightly out of the ordinary, we can usually find something to accommodate you.

Other Services from Wades Distribution

At Wades, we have products and equipment that are useful (and necessary) for virtually any job you can imagine. Our list of available equipment is vast and extensive and chosen to be the best equipment for their application. For example, as well as diesel tanks, we also supply a variety of high and low-pressure wash trailers and dust suppression trailers. We can also provide water tanks such as our 7000L Aquamax water delivery system.

Also, due to the high risk of bushfires, our range of portable fire-fighting trailers, with a water capacity of up to 3000L are an excellent idea if you live or work in dry, high-risk fire areas. We even have a range of fire-fighting knapsacks and hoses that you can refill quickly from our water tanks.

For all this and more, contact Wades Distribution with your list of requirements and needs. We are available by telephone on 07 4725 7447 or fill our contact form on the website.