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Buy the Right Oils for Your Car or Truck: Visit Wades Distributors for Gulf Western Top Dog XDO, RX Super Engine Oil and Other Top Quality Motor Oils in Townsville

At Wades Distributors, we like to think of high quality motor oil as cheap insurance. Sure, top brands like Gulf Western or Castrol are going to cost more than off-brand oils. However, the extra money you will pay to buy, say, Castrol RX Super Engine Oil, is nothing compared to what you would spend repairing your vehicle after using the wrong type of oil.

The Cost of Using Cheap Motor Oils

Motor oil is meant to lubricate and cool the interior components of your vehicle. By using the wrong type of oil, you could be risking the integrity of those components. Needless to say, repairing or replacing just a single interior part of a car or truck is going to cost you much more money than you save by opting for a cheaper type of oil. If you have to repair or replace multiple parts because of overheating or inadequate lubrication, the expense will obviously be even higher.

Some automotive gurus will tell you that cheaper or more medium-grade motor oils will work okay if you aren't using your vehicle for high-performance purposes. However, the bottom line is that it's just not usually worth the risk to choose cheaper, off-brand oils. This statement applies in particular if the oil isn’t a brand you've heard of or trust. There is such a thing as inferior oil out there, and it can do a number on any vehicle.

You are better off investing a bit of extra cash in trusted, proven brands. By doing so, you will at least have peace of mind that your vehicle will stay properly cooled and lubricated. In other words, the reasoning for buying Gulf Western Top Dog XDO instead of the cheap off-brand alternative is the same logic that you use to justify regular oil changes. Using the right motor or engine oil is the equivalent of performing preventative maintenance on your vehicle.

Finding Castrol or Gulf Western Oil in Townsville

If you are shopping for Gulf Western or Castrol motor oil in the Townsville area, look no further than Wades Distributors. We are a 'Top Reseller' for Castrol, which means that we not only sell these top-grade motor oils but are also authorised to offer fantastic deals and promotions on them. At Wades, you are more likely to find these oils at bargain prices than anywhere else in the Townsville area.

In addition to carrying Gulf Western Top Dog XDO and Castrol RX Super Engine Oil, Wades also sells a range of oil, diesel and grease pumping equipment. We can help you find the gear you need to start carrying out your automotive oil and fluid changes at home. You might miss out on the savings you would have gotten by buying cheaper motor oils, but we can give you those savings back by helping you learn how to handle these critical automotive services on a DIY basis.

Need help finding the right Castrol or Gulf Western oils in Townsville? Call Wades Distributors on 07 4725 7447 for assistance.