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Now You Can Buy a Quality Hand Diesel Pump from Your Trusted Local Oil Supplier

For over 20 years, Wade’s Distributors has been the most trusted name in North Queensland for motor oil. That’s because we’re a small company with a particular focus on oil and fuel, which means we respect our clients and know our stuff. Recently, to support our valued customers even more effectively, we’ve begun to sell equipment to help you pump and move your oil as well. This product line includes several diesel-oriented products, including the diesel hand pump.

A diesel hand pump is an ideal way to transfer diesel, petrol or kerosene quickly and efficiently, which makes it an extremely handy tool for mechanics or other industrial specialists. When you buy one from Wade’s Distributors, you can rest assured that you’re getting a product that will handle your diesel exceptionally well, because we’ve been in the business of selling fuel for 20 years and we know how to find the best tools. Since we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves; that makes us a much better bet for quality than an industrial supply company whose business model relies on offering a wide variety of products, some of which may not exactly be up to par.

If you need a high-grade diesel hand pump for your business, make sure to look at the products offered by Wade’s Distributors. We’re always happy to answer your questions about our products or tell you a bit more about our history, so feel free to call us or visit us online today.